Online hypnotherapy is a great way to get some help to advise your subconscious mind of what needs to change, in order to achieving your goals. So if your goal is to quit smoking, stop eating junk food or to moderate your drinking of alcohol, then perhaps this could be for you...

So how does it work? Well it works in a similar way to guided meditation. The therapist guides the patient into a relaxed state of awareness for which the patient becomes very receptive to the suggestions used. For this to happen you will need a quiet place to relax along with a phone and headphones.

What does it feel like? Most people say that it feels like you are daydreaming. You are there listening to the therapist but so relaxed, that you are almost just not bothered with it all. In rare cases I might have a client who reports back saying that they felt like their body was heavy, yet they felt as though they were floating in and out of consciousness... These experiences are quite personalised and very specific to your ability to relax and let go.

Does Online hypnotherapy work as well as Face-to-face sessions? I have worked as a hypnotherapist for over five years and I have worked with hundreds of people. When I was based in Perth CBD, I would have people fly from different cities, towns and countries to have a session with me. My reputation had me booked three months in advance. I decided two years ago that I would try running online sessions to see if they worked. To do this I trialled the sessions with clients who I knew, new clients and the feedback proved that ‘YES’ it works! Not only does it work but for my clients who use to do face-to-face sessions with me, reported back saying they liked the online sessions more! They liked the fact that they did not have to drive, train or bus into the city to see me. They were in their own environment so their relaxation levels were even more phenomenal. I always say that it really is a matter of preference as many older clients prefer to go to an office for which I totally understand and respect, but as we are seeing more and more of our communication being held via Phone, Skype, FaceTime and more. We are now beginning to see more therapists offering their services online.

How does online hypnotherapy sessions work? When you book your session online you can ask to have a one-on-one session with me either via Phone, Skype or FaceTime. All you need for a session is a phone and headphones. I contact you at the scheduled time that you have bikes on my website. You need to make sure that you are in a quiet, comfortable space where you will not be distracted by kids, partners, flatmate or pets. You can have a friend sit with you during your session if you like so long as they do not disturb you and are quiet throughout.

How much does a session cost? A session of hypnotherapy with me is normally $250.00, but most of the time there is a special discount offer running. At the moment I am offering an online session for$150.00.

What if it doesn't work for me? Well as Benjamin Franklin said "nothing can be certain but death and taxes" - The reality is that some people may need more than one session. I check in on my clients a few days after their session and if nothing has changed I offer to run a free session. This rarely happens but as my reputation is very important to me the value of offering a free follow up session is more important than the short amount of time and money to see my clients walk away happy about their experience.

What if the connection is lost or the phone call gets disconnected during a session? Firstly you can't get stuck in hypnosis. So if we were to get disconnected you would become alert and I would call you back. We would resume our session free of charge.

What issues can hypnotherapy help with? Quitting addiction, smoking, alcohol, binge drinking, moderation of alcohol, weight loss, virtual gastric banding program, quit sugar, depression, anxiety, stress management, forgiveness, abundant mind-set, clearer thinking, insomnia, fears and phobias- list goes on.

Who should not be using hypnotherapy? Someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts, Schizophrenia, clinical depression or bipolar disorder. If you are experiencing any of the above you should seek help from a qualified and experienced mental health practitioner who can monitor your treatment within a mental health plan.