Empowering - Ultimate 4 Weight Loss Program

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Empowering Ultimate 4 Weight Loss Program - Is a self hypnosis program that you can enjoy in the safety and comfort of your own home, whenever you want.

Renee Eriksen has designed 4 separate self hypnosis audio tracks designed to help re-program your mind to help you lose weight. These audio tracks contain similar suggestions towards weight loss, quit sugar, exercise and happiness that would be used in a one-on-one session with Renee Eriksen. It's like having four separate sessions of hypnosis ready and available for you to listen to whenever you like.

Audio includes:

  • Empowering - Weight Loss
  • Empowering - Exercise
  • Empowering - Quit Sugar
  • Empowering - Happiness

Each audio track is designed to help you change old destructive patterns of thought and behaviour that have limited your ability to lose weight in the past.

Each audio track comes with a 30 DAY - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Contact via email to request a refund.

  • Please note that if you suffer with any mental health issues then please consult with your leading mental health practitioner before participating in any hypnosis programs.

After you have purchased your Empowering Mind Programs you will be emailed a link to download programs to your home computer, desktop or laptop. Once downloaded to your home computer you can then transfer over to other devices. Saving the audio tracks to your music folder.

Warning you cannot download save music direct to your phone unless you have first saved to your home computer.

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