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We will create a personalised self hypnosis audio program for you. All you need to do is book in your consultation and tell us what your goal is, and we'll create a self hypnosis audio recording that you can listen to daily to help you to reprogram your mind into believing that your goals, and ambitions in life are achievable. Giving you the ability to start to manifest your goals into reality.

Here are a few ideas of the kinds of goals we can help you with.

Quitting smoking

Moderate or stop drinking alcohol

Stop drinking soft drinks

Sleep better

Magane stress and anxiety

Releasing fears and phobias

Increase confidence and self esteem

Please note that there are some goals that we can not help you with. I you have goals that we deem unethical or immoral than we will not be able to help you. We will however refund any purchases that do not end up produced into self hypnosis audio programs. If you are unsure then feel free to contact me directly on 041 333 2353 or email me at

After your purchase is complete you will be contacted by our team to schedule in a 30 minute consultation to discuss your goals.

I ask that people suffering from mental health issues or epilepsy please consult with your leading mental health practitioner before proceeding with this kind of treatment.

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