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About Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy to treat Anxiety


Hypnotherapy can help reduce levels of anxiety by addressing your stress responses in a natural and effective way. Furthermore, hypnosis is an effective modality for working with the subconscious mind therefore we are able to address issues of tension in the body by suggesting some relaxation techniques like breathing slowly as a response to stressful situations. We can also help to develop positive thinking strategies to help you respond in more positive ways.


"I tried hypnosis with Renee before New Year's  Eve. I was suffering from anxiety and traumatic stress from my childhood. I had developed behaviour habits/ patterns that was impacting how I dealt with situations in life and people. I've had positive changes where the negative thoughts no longer play on my mind. I'm enjoying my life" ~ Marrisa


Hypnotherapy to treat Weight Loss


Hypnotherapy can help aid weight loss however it does not act as a replacement for a healthy diet or exercise. Instead, it assists you on your journey by removing mental barriers that prevent weight loss, such as overeating or having a fear of exercising. Hypnosis can help to empower you to lead your own journey towards weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.


Sarah, 40, had tried everything to lose weight and it was only after seeing a hypnotherapist that she dropped 21kgs

“ I weighed 136kg. I’d been trying a lot of different diet and weight-loss programs for a long time but nothing seemed to work. When a friend asked if I’d ever tried hypnotherapy, it got me thinking maybe I should. So I went to see Renee Eriksen” ~ Sarah as featured in Good Health Magazine, Dec 2013 issue.

Hypnotherapy to treat Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can affect your day-to-day living and impact your quality of life. Hypnotherapy can help you to effectively cope with your pain and all with the help of your own mind. Through gentle guidance, hypnotherapy can help you to manage chronic pain.


"Amazing is the only way I can describe it. I am going to work today that is how good I feel. Can you please send me some business cards as my Physio is very interested in the way hypnosis has worked for my pain levels" ~ Kacie

Hypnotherapy to treat Smoking

Quitting smoking can be a very difficult habit to break. Nicotine patches, prescription medications, and will power do not always work. Hypnosis has been clinically proven to be one of the most successful tools for helping people break the habit of smoking.

"Renee is amazing on the 20th June 2018 Renee and I had a quit smoking session as I was having surgery on the 29th June. I went from 30-40 cigarettes a day to none, and have not had one since, I can stand next to someone and nothing affects me. I smoked for 23 years. I can’t thank you enough Renee you have saved my life xoxo" ~ Bronwyn Taylor


Hypnotherapy to treat Insomnia

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be beneficial in dealing with insomnia, sleeplessness, and difficulty falling or staying asleep. It can even help with sleepwalking and sleep eating.

“ Renee is awesome! She and I did a phone session for my anxiety and sleep problems! Helped my anxiety HEAPS and I definitely sleep better overall! Can’t recommend her enough!” ~ Bexi


Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are not about putting someone under a spell or taking away their control as the movies might suggest.  It’s actually about empowering people.


The biggest benefit of hypnotherapy is that it is all about empowering you to access all aspects of yourself to achieve your goals. It’s like a superpower only it’s real.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy, that guides you into an altered state of awareness and employs verbal suggestions to affect positive changes to thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. There are many benefits of hypnotherapy and whether you use self-hypnosis audio programs, virtual hypnotherapy, or face-to-face hypnotherapy it can play a role in promoting physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

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Following my session, with Renee, I'm already feeling the benefits and learning to deal with something I have been struggling with for a long time. Renee is a beautiful person with an amazing gift. Highly recommended. Thanks again Renee " ~ Pamela Williams

Renee Eriksen, Hypnotherapist

Bachelor of Arts Psychology - Massey University

Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis - Australian Academy of hypnosis

Transforming DNA Memories - Sylvia Marina Kinesiology

Reiki Level One - Suzan Harris Perth Tarot

Renee is a devoted wife and mother to three beautiful children. Renee is an indigenous Maori woman, who spent her childhood growing up in New Zealand. She now lives in the beautiful suburb of Ocean Reef, Perth Western Australia.


Renee started her Hypnotherapy practice in Perth CBD back in 2012 where she had clients travel from all over Australia and around the world. Since 2016 Renee has evolved her practice to include virtual sessions. The responses she continues to receive from these sessions are truly remarkable and through her virtual hypnosis sessions, Renee is able to reach a larger audience while providing her clients hypnosis in the comfort and safety of their own homes.