It's all in your phone...

For years, clients seeking help through hypnotherapy, could only go to the hypnotherapist’s office. And for many people, this is very daunting...

The idea of hypnosis already seems very mystical and scary for some the idea of coming into my work place can really put a person off seeking hypnotherapy.

Well, this is all changing now! As we know, most things can now be done from our phone, and one-on-one hypnotherapy is now being experienced by more people over the phone. This means you get the full experience from the comfort and safety of your own home.

I have found in many cases, that people that do phone sessions have a more profound result than a face to face session! I know this because I have worked with clients who have experienced both types and have all said that they were happier in their own homes. They felt more comfortable… and could reach a deeper level of relaxation.

Empress Bexi - reviewed Renee hypnosis (Facebook) — 5 star review: “Renee is awesome! She and I did a phone session for my anxiety and sleep problems! Helped my anxiety HEAPS and definitely sleep better overall! Can't recommend her enough! She is friendly and polite and really talks you through the process before you begin! It was awesome! 5 stars from me!”

5 reasons why virtual hypnosis is more successful:

1. No need to travel.

I have worked in Perth CBD for years as a hypnotherapist and my clients have driven and flown from all around the World to do a session with me (I have had clients travel from as far as UK, Dubai, and Malaysia for my help). I have found that by offering hypnotherapy sessions over the phone, my clients don't need to leave their living room or bedroom to have a session.

In fact, some of my clients have managed to do a session while sitting in their car on their lunch break. So long as you have a quiet place to rest, then we have a space for a hypnotherapy session!

2. Convenience.

Virtual hypnosis means flexibility and I’m more than happy to work around you. As mentioned above you can have a session almost anywhere and I can call you at any time of the day or night. This makes hypnotherapy fit conveniently into your lifestyle and schedule.

3. Making the most of my voice.

By wearing headphones you will rule out most distractions. This will ensure that you are completely focused on my voice and on my suggestions. You will also be use to your surroundings and therefore any familiar noises, which will actually help with the hypnosis process.

My clients have mentioned how effective it was to have my voice as the main focus throughout the session - in essence the message will more than likely stick!

4. Concealed identity and confidentiality.

On occasion I’ll get clients who don't want their friends, family, or partners to know that they have gone to see a hypnotherapist. I take confidentiality very seriously as my clients often disclose things to me that are quite personal in nature. It is also unethical for me to disclose any of your personal information and I’m very discreet about our connection. A phone session means that you also conceal your identity and rest ashore I wouldn’t know if I bumped into you in the street.

5. No Judgment.

When you visit a therapist of any kind there is often a fear of judgment (not always, but sometimes)... In many cases you will disclose details about yourself that you may not have told anyone else. There is nothing worse than the feeling of being judged.

With Virtual phone sessions you don't need to worry about any of that. You can be yourself and therefore share whatever history that you have experienced allowing me to help identify the root cause of you seeking help.

There is an old saying that it's ‘all in your head’, right? Well in a way this hypnotherapy session will be 'all in your phone' making it easy, and convenient for you to have a session of hypnotherapy from a reputable hypnotherapist who has had experience hypnotizing hundreds of individuals!

Feel free to call me on 0413332353 for an obligation and cost free discussion on the merits of Phone Session Hypnotherapy!

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