Enjoy a virtual session of hypnotherapy in the comfort of your own home.

We specialise in Virtual Gastric Banding, Addiction, Depression, Phobias and Quit Smoking. All you need for a session is a phone, headphones and somewhere to sit or lay where you will not be disturbed, during your session. 

What does it feel like?Most people say that it feels like you are daydreaming. You are there listening to the therapist but so relaxed, that you are almost just not bothered with it all. In rare cases I might have a client who reports back saying that they felt like their body was heavy, yet they felt as though they were floating in and out of consciousness... These experiences are quite personalised and very specific to your ability to relax and let go.

Do you want to know if hypnotherapy is right for you? Book a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with Renee. If we have time I will throw in a quick guided meditation.

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