Bronwyn Taylor - Facebook Post

Renee is amazing on the 20th June 2018 Renee and I had a quit smoking session as I was having surgery on the 29th June. 

I went from 30-40 cigarettes a day to none, and have not had one since, I can stand next to someone and nothing affects me. 

I smoked for 23 years. 

I can’t thank you enough Renee you have saved my life xoxo

Helen Smith - reviewed Ren Hypnosis (Facebook) - 5 Stars

Renee saved my LIFE.

My session with Renee was amazing and life changing, my addiction with V energy drinks and soft drink was getting quite serious and my Doctor was getting very concerned for my health, so at 52 years old I was drinking 4 x 500ml cans of V a day, plus 3 cans of soft drink, either coke or Pepsi, I drank little to NO WATER at all, since my session on 16.10.18 my life has changed and I feel so much better, I drink only water now, it was exactly 1 week ago today, the first few days were rough, not because I wanted my V or soft drink but the headaches that I had, not bad ones but they were there, the 3rd day they were gone.

I have had so much support from my work colleagues, and they tell me that I look so much better, they are all very proud of me and I am proud of me too.

I can honestly recommend Renee to anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle, or give something up.

I thank you Renee from the bottom of my heart, you are a very special lady with a very special gift

Empress Bexi - reviewed Renee hypnosis (facebook) — 5 star

Renee is awesome! She and I did a phone session for my anxiety and sleep problems! Helped my anxiety HEAPS and definitely sleep better overall! Can't recommend her enough! She is friendly and polite and really talks you through the process before you begin! It was awesome! 5 stars from me!



Tanya Marshall - reviewed Renee hypnosis (facebook) — 5 star

Meeting Renee has been an absolute blessing. Renee has been so generous with her time for me to really find out the root of my needs rather than specifically work with the symptoms. I could list a good number of things I need help with, and by spending time to "unpack" everything, the sessions have made a remarkable difference for me. If you have something (anything) you want to change with your current behaviours that you wish you could change, but can't seem to do it on your own, I 100% recommend contacting Renee and making an appointment. She is kind; caring; non-judgemental and has the tools to help you sort your sh!t out!


Pamela Williams - reviewed Renee hypnosis (facebook) — 5 star

Following my session with Renee I'm already feeling the benefits and learning to deal with something I have been struggling with for a long time. Renee is a beautiful person with an amazing gift. Highly recommended. Thanks again Renee.



Lena Gee - reviewed Renee hypnosis (facebook) — 5 star

I wanted to wait until i could sit down and have time to write this where i could sit in my thoughts and review today and how i felt after i saw you. I came to you with a open heart, filled with thoughts, wishes and hopes that you could help heal my broken heart. As I write this I have tears rolling down my checks, these are tears of gratitude because for the first time in so long I feel that.... finally! I can invest in me!! instead of always investing in others, and that now I have found someone who understands my heart and thoughts and truly gets it!! I know it was our first session but you helped me see things in a different light, I have not seen my life in so many wonderful colors in so long!! You are a beautiful soul, your compassion and empathy speak volumes about your integrity and character. I am so looking forward to having more sessions with you, I feel in my heart you can truly help me and my soul to shift things that need to shift in my life and to start a new journey with a fresh new page. I'm filled with new faith, thank you so much for your kindness, thank you for your time, god knew what he was doing when he made you!

Blessings to you!




Jodie Gorton - reviewed Renee hypnosis (facebook) — 5 star

I was new to hypnotherapy and although looking forward to the changes it would bring, I was a little anxious. To be honest I was pretty messed up. Talking with Renee was easy, she is very professional yet compassionate and empathetic, there was no judgement and I felt safe expressing my feelings and thoughts. I wasn't completely sure that one session could make a huge difference considering the length of time I have been dealing with my problems, but it has changed everything. I feel lighter, the tension from my shoulders has gone, my anxiety has disappeared, my headspace is clear and I can now see a future of peace, happiness and love, and have a stronger connection to my sons spirit. It was like unpacking a suitcase of clothes that no longer fit and disposing of them, those beliefs and thoughts that no longer served me are gone. I am now able to cope with my feelings of grief and think more positively. I now choose life. Thank you for helping me in so many ways.



Marissa peters - reviewed Renee hypnosis (facebook) — 5 star

I tried hypnosis with Renee before new years eve. I was suffering from anxiety and traumatic stress from my childhood. I had developed behaviour habits/patterns that was impacting on how i dealt with situations in life and people. Ive had positive changes where the negative thoughts no longer play on my mind. Im enjoying my life. I have also tried the online hypnosis for kicking sugar craving, eating healthy and exercising. I no longer drink fizzy drinks, juice etc or eat lollies. Ive been junkfood free for almost 2 months now. Im exercising regularly and set new goals for physical challenges throughout the year.


Jackie Power - reviewed Renee hypnosis (facebook) — 5 star

I booked in with Renee over 2 weeks ago and was not disappointed! I have smoked for 28 years... I'm 43.... since losing my dad recently my smoking became heavier, I never thought I could stop. I thought I'd give hypnosis I go.... anything was worth a try. I booked in for one morning with Renee who was lovely. I felt disappointed afterwards as I really didn't feel any different! I'm not sure what I was expecting but I felt the same... no magic wand had been waved. Without even noticing.... I just didn't smoke.... I just didn't think about it and didn't crave it.... to say my friends and family are shocked is an understatement.... as I am. I would highly recommend this treatment... I feel amazing and although it's only been 2 weeks I just know I have finally stopped being a slave to cigarettes.... forever!!!! Thanks so much Renee x



Michelle Carter reviewed Renee Eriksen - Hypnotherapist — 5 star

There aren't enough words to say how brilliant Renee is! I immediately felt comfortable & safe with her & she is just amazing at what she does. I cannot recommend her more highly. If you're considering hypnotherapy then stop thinking about it & contact Renee - you won't regret it!

Thank you so much Renee xxx



Jo Braithwaite reviewed Renee Eriksen - Hypnotherapist — 5 star

Hi Renee, well it's been 23 days without a drink nor have I wanted one, you have changed me, my eating habits have done a total back flip, who would of thought I would be eating salad and enjoying exercising!! And it only took an hour and half on the phone to you. I can't thank you enough 



Sian Reha reviewed Renee Eriksen - Hypnotherapist — 5 star

I was a bit sceptical about trying hypnosis to lose weight, but thought I would give it a try as I had nothing to lose, except excess weight. After 2 weeks I have lost over 4kg and my eating habits have changed. I drink lots of water and don't crave sweet food. I'm very happy Thanks Renee



Bronwyn Taylor Sharpe reviewed Renee Eriksen - Hypnotherapist — 5 star

Well a week has past since my session with Renee and all I can say is WOW, I was a person who only drank coke, no water, nearly all coke. Since I finished with Renee I have not had one drink of coke, and I'm drinking only water nearly two litres a day, I feel amazing.
Thank you so much Renee and look forward to working more with you xo



Barbara Chowdhurie reviewed Renee Eriksen - Hypnotherapist — 5 star

Hi Renee...

So it's been a week and a half since our session and I'm happy to report that I am drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day!!! I also rarely think of chocolate and am being a lot more active.. I am starting to feel like I have more energy and as a bonus I have lost 2 kilos..

It's like it's always been this way, I don't have to think "I have to drink water" I just do it and don't find it difficult.

Thank you SO much!!

Kindest regards,

Barbara X



Sonya P

Hi Renee Still successful and quit smoking yeah nearly 2 years.



 Jacinta H

Hi Renee, how are you? Just thought I'd give you a quick update and let you know, so far so good! I haven't eaten a single chocolate since we spoke but even better, I haven't had a want or a craving for it! I've had it around me a lot and it hasn't been a struggle for me to say no or just ignore it. It hasn't even crossed my mind to stop at the servo for anything other than fuel or coffee! 🙂 Hopefully I can keep this up! Already feeling so much better! I'll let you know how I go from here. Thanks again.



Charlie Beatty

Charlie Beatty reviewed Renee Eriksen - Hypnotherapist — 5 star

May 30 at 9:26pm · 

I have been using self-hypnosis weight loss MP3 by Renee for a few months now and though it would be worth giving some feedback.
I would just listen to it every so often before I would go to bed when the house is quiet and found it very relaxing (usually with the lights off and using headphones to cut out possible distractions) and I personally believe it has helped me get become more active and lose weight (around 12kgs).
I discovered the self-hypnosis MP3’s when I went to see Renee about quitting smoking. Renee was very professional and was a very easy person to deal with when I went for my Hypnotherapy session. If for any reason you would be too shy to have a face to face session, the MP3’s self-hypnosis would be a great way to helping you achieve your goals by just relaxing for around 30 minutes. Worst case scenario is you have just sat down and relaxed for half an hour ;-)
Honestly, I do think that you need to have some desire to be more active / lose weight / quit smoking rather than just relying on the therapy alone. It just helps you get more focused / motivated and in the right frame of mind to achieve your goal.
Definitely worth a try.

Tarn hodges-paul

MattandTarn Hodges-Paul Kia ora Renee Eriksen - Hypnotherapist I want to share my appreciation and gratitude toward you and your loving family for caring and sharing the gifts you have. Thanks to Renee I have been smoke free for the past 3 days. Such a great feeling to be free of an addiction that has had a hold for nearly 40 years. Feeling blessed, clean and alive!!

Elissa Wallace

And I am still feeling the benefits of my session I am motivated and have energy, sleeping better and making better choices


Ashleigh W

i have actually noticed confidence and positivity. i choose to eat chocolate yesterday for the first time. and to be totally honest, i couldn't give a stuff if i never touched the stuff again i have been eating alot of fruits and better meals. and is only been 1 week



Angie Ditri

Should of seen Renee a lot sooner. Already in the short time I feel fantastic and loosing weight. I highly recommend Renee



Kirsty Dorans

Renee is such a lovely person & immediately put me at ease. I had a phobia which was preventing me enjoying the outdoors, especially at night & decided to try hypnotherapy. I'm happy to say I've had a major breakthrough & I'm amazed! I highly recommend Renee & her service to anyone struggling with anything that is holding them back in life. Thanks Renee!



Mike Riddell

Ok ok I've been smoking since I was 16 I blame school cert lol I'm 41 now done the hypnosis last week with Renee.let me tell you guys and girls it really works if you go in with the right work mates smoke I have to walk pass smokers on my way to work and home but it doesn't bother me. Thank you so much Renee I can actually breath now,




Hi Renee I hope you are well I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you, over the last few weeks since I came for my session I have been a different person in so many aspects of my life, I have lost 3kgs, I am sleeping fantastic and am just a much happier person in myself, I have learnt to respect and value myself as a person, I'm a better mum as I am happy I cannot thank you enough and would highly recommend you to anyone have a lovely day.

Vicky sent via Facebook Thursday 2nd July 2015. (Weight Loss)




 Hi Renee,

From the moment you counted down an said to open my eyes I felt like I was high... I dont know if it was showing on the outside but I was grinning from ear to ear and actually couldnt wait to get out the door as I felt I was going to burst out laughing. I noticed as soon as I left.. I felt like I was on drugs though not insecure I felt like I wanted to say hi to everyone. I went to the store to buy myself something new and instead of me having to check every store as usual and hating everything and thinking if everybody else would like it, I picked something with ten minutes and although I didnt think anyone else would like it I bought it and wore it straight away.. I got so many looks and compliments and my daughter told me I have to pack it away so that she can have it when shes older haha.. I dont know what happened but everything was so great that day I just felt amazing and so confident. As I was on the train on the way home when I would usually have time to stress and think about all the wrongs in my life and everyone elses faults, all I could think about was all the fun things ive done growing up. It just kept flowing one memory after the other on the whole 45mins.. all the memories I must of blocked when I blocked the bad because I had forgotten all these things never thought about them before, nothing like thats ever happened. It was at that moment I knew for sure it must of worked. Also my daughter was very happy because I was happy, it was great. Wednesday the high had worn off and I thought it may not of worked for me longterm as I still got negative thoughts but instead of ruminating on them I immediately replaced it with positive thoughts without even trying.. so I guess it was still working. Today though was my first day back at work since tue and for the first time in months im not tired and exhausted. . For the past few months ive had the same ruminating thought daily of being so tired but I thought I actually was tired. But now thinking it must of been all the wasted energy on the negative thoughts and anxiety. Today I dont remember one negative thought.. because I dont think ive had one. So yes I have noticed alot, just hoping its permanent 

Thank you




Pippa Gregory 

Would definately recommend if u cant do it alone!!! I feel so much better! U r a life saver renee xxx

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Aisling Fitzsimons 

Highly recommend getting it done if you really want to quit smoking . Thank you so much Renee couldn't have done it without your help xx

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Hi u are well..thought u'd like to know i am now 10 kgs lighter!  i have another 15 kgs to go..but am sure i'll get continuing to listen to the mp3 audio and it has been helping me stay motivated! Oh n i have been recommending you to my friends n colleagues..will continue to keep u

Jonny Houghton — 5 star

Renee is amazing! She strives to fully understand the problem before starting the hypnosis and our sessions have been a success! I've had great results from our sessions and I'm starting to leave the negativity behind me! Thanks Renee! :) xx

February 12, 2015 · 8 Reviews



Ronan McGuane — 5 star

Great service. Cannot recommend better. Helped me with my weight loss and anxiety.

February 1, 2015 · 2 Reviews




Hi you r well..sorry to bother u on a Sunday..but just had to share t news! I've just weighed myself (first time since we met last Saturday) n am very proud to report I've lost 4 kgs..! I've been listening to t weight loss mp3 everyday n have managed to get in exercise almost yayyy! Thanks very very much..n i'll keep u posted..x :)


Text Sunday 25th January 2015



Brooke Anderton

Brooke Elizabeth Anderton I also lost 30kg!!! And have remained healthy and slim since!

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Facebook Friday 23rd January - Brooke came to see me in October 2013 it is always nice to hear from clients


Hi Renee,
I know it's only been a week since seeing you but I just wanted to tell you that I weighed my self this morning and I'm down 1.2kg. In that time I've had a birthday party, dinner at my mums and mother in laws and been to the movies. I have only excercised once this week. And I've only been able to listen to the mp3 3 times this week. I'm excited!!!!
Although this weekend will be a real test as I'm out from tonight right thru to Tuesday....
Thanks Gill 


email Friday 23rd January 2015




“Over the Christmas period, this has been invaluable! I've managed to keep the 12kg off that I've lost since October by continuing to listen to the Empowering Ultimate 4 in 1. The Sweet Addiction MP3 has been the most helpful and I can't imagine where I'd have been without these over this typically eating period. Thank you.”


Empowering MP3 4 in 1 weight loss program: 8 January 2015




Hi Renee,It’s my pleasure to write this :) ‘I have been visiting Renee for the last few months and have found hypnosis to be an incredible tool to help balance an often demanding, busy and stressful life schedule. Renee is awesome and makes you feel instantly relaxed. She also has an amazing ability to draw out, through conversation, exactly what you are looking for in the hypnosis session. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone! and the hypnosis; what can I say other than it is brilliant!'


Personal acheivement Life, work and study treatments 7 January 2015



Hi Renee “I am thriving since receiving the Downloads. I have lost weight, slowly but surely … Thank you for everything.”


Empowering MP3 4 in 1 weight loss Program: 2nd January



Susan Lewarne 

Thank you it's been 12 months 16days and 3 hrs since my last cigarette thanks so much


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Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Sarah Pittaway

Hey Ren. 
Just to give u a little feedback so far since Thursday I was surrounded by cheese and dip platters on Friday and Sat night , I barely ate any which is so strange because usually eat the whole block of cheese lol. I have been getting full and not finishing my meals which is bizarre too, Sunday night went out for dinner and only ate half ! 
Today at work there was cupcakes given out and out of habit I took one and I put it on my desk, I left it got 30 mins and didn't even feel like it !! So I gave it to the girl I was sitting next to . 


Text sent: 24th November 2014




HI Renee,

I hope you are well? I am so thrilled for being in such a 'nice place with food'. I am just OK if I can describe it like that, it is not all around me, obsession and craves are gone! I cannot thank you enough and tell you how grateful I am. This is ground breaking stuff and I have passed your details onto my acupuncturist who has a few clients who would benefit from your services. Renee, I should have sent you this email earlier but I am in the middle of exam study chaos.


Email from Katie, Thursday 6th November

Weight Loss Hypnosis



Hi Renee,


Just wanted to say Thankyou for the session the other day. 5 days on and I am really noticing a difference from the choices I am making not only around food and excercise but general life situations also. I am walking taller and have a warm feeling inside that makes me feel good everyday.

Thanks a million.



Email from Bek, Friday 3rd Otcober 

Weight Loss Hypnosis




HI Renee. Just to let you know Hannah lost 2kg and I lost 1.9 kg since we saw you last thursday. Thankyou. Great start. 


Text from Claire, Thursday 2nd October.

Weight Loss Hypnosis



Sonia Page 

Sonia Page I'm gonna say hypnosis actually works I used renae and I haven't had a cigarette for 3 weeks now and I have experience a few true test situation in the last 3 weeks. You have nothing to lose

September 24 at 11:06am · Unlike · 1

Quit Smoking Hypnosis




Just thought I would give you an update on my quitting smoking. Seems to have worked as I am still not smoking and haven't had the urge to buy any or smoke any! So far so good! Thank you!


Email 01/09/2014

Quit Smoking Hypnosis



Renaye R

It is with great pleasure that I give this testimonial for Renee Erickson Hypnosis, my husband and I did a group therapy session with Renee and so far so good.  Cravings have diminished, portion sizes are smaller and all her little tips have sunk in are being well used.  We have both experienced weight loss and am excited to see what the future holds.



Text MSG - Trance Party Weight Loss, July 2014

Trance Party - Weight Loss Hypnosis



Tanya V

Tanya Vanderwacht - Renee at Erikson Hynosis Clinic is lovely, very friendly and easy to relax with. She is fantastic to work with, and I have really seen significant improvement with things like cravings, portion sizes, motivation and overall self esteem. I have not yet finished all of the sessions, but you can notice changes right from the first session. As to your question Siobhan, is it expensive? There are many other weight loss treatment options out there that are much more expensive than this treatment, and there are savings to be gained from buying less takeaway, junk food etc... but ultimately if the benefits are improved self esteem, more confidence, more motivation and a healthier you, then surely thats an investment in yourself that is well worth any cost.

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Weight Loss Hypnosis - MSG on Facebook



Maddie P

Hi Renee... Hope you're well!!!Well I'm feeling great and it seems as though .. So far ... Something has switched in my brain... No cravings which is awesome and to be honest have had a cloud of things but really think that's boredom!!! I know it's worked as I really struggle at that"time if the month" and have no cravings .no mood swings and feeling really focused... So thank you!!' I would really like to do the 2nd session ... Thanks again!!! You're awesome!!!! 


Text msg sent May 2014

Sweet foods addiction hypnosis




Hi Renee, You are awesome I have have no inclination desire stresses about eating crap sugar chocolate etc I can't believe how good this is I am looking forward to a reinforcing session. I feel a million bucks and really happy. Thanks thus far, I am a believer.


Sent Via TEXT MSG April 2014

Sweet foods addiction and Depression Hypnosis Treatment



Sylvia B

"Renee certainly has a magic touch! I felt great after my facial and I felt so positive and relaxed."

Posted: 4/30/2014 11:21 AM


Deal: HypnoFacial Treatment for the Mind and Skin - Perth - North - 11/10/2013



Michele Z

"Really professional!!"

Posted: 1/30/2014 7:37 PM

Deal: One-Hour Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Session - Perth - Citywide - 9/2/2013



Tony L

"I would recommend Renee to anyone."

Posted: 12/11/2013 1:27 PM

Deal: One-Hour Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Session - Perth - Citywide - 9/2/2013



Christine G

"Thoroughly enjoyable experience"

Posted: 11/30/2013 6:09 PM

Deal: 45-Minute HypnoFacial for Mind and Skin - Perth - North - 10/6/2013



Jessica P

"great customer service, skin feel amazing after the hypno facial treatment"

Posted: 11/18/2013 2:45 PM

Deal: HypnoFacial Treatment for the Mind and Skin - Perth - North - 11/10/2013




"Hello just wanted to say your work was amazing. This weekend have been told how I'm glowing an seem more bubbly... My old self and feel great. Have had no cravings or felt on edge just feel naturally good so a big thank you!!"


Quit Smoking Therapy



Glenn T 

"Worked perfect 100%!!"

Glenn T. - November 2013

Quit Smoking Therapy



Pam H

"My treatment at the clinic was excellent. I won't need to return again." 

                          Pam H. -  October 2013

Quit Smoking Therapy



Brooke Anderton

Since I had the last session, I have definitely noticed a decreased interest in sweets. There were one or two times when I started eating something sweet where I did feel ill but I am still able to eat cakes and biscuits and chocolate and enjoy them. I just don't have as much interest in them or want to binge any more. I think that binging must have been a form of punishment on myself and self-directed anger. Example: I used to buy skinny cow icecream sandwiches and eat the whole pack (or 2) in the car-trip on the way home from the shops. Now I'm buying the packed and not eating them that day. I'm eating one after dinner, sharing them with my housemates and leaving the rest. Example 2: Last night I drove home late after dropping my boyfriend at the airport. I had been thinking it would be nice to buy an icecream and the thought had been there on and off, for a few hours. I made deviations with my car to go through McDonalds but when I got there, I didn't really want the icecream anymore and just really wanted water so I drove home and drank 2 glasses of water. I'm noticing I'm more interested in drinking water - noticing that cravings are probably out of feeling thirsty. I'm more in tune with my emotions and I have noticed that I have been more assertive with my boyfriend. I haven't weighed myself at all and I haven't done much exercise but I do have faith that I will and that it will feel good :)


Email 28th October 2013

Weight Loss Hypnosis



Neilane L

I was seeking help recently with an issue I had and didn’t hold out much hope at getting a last minute appointment with a hypnotherapist. However, when I contacted Renee, she went above and beyond the call of duty and managed to accommodate me, at very short notice, into her busy schedule. Not only did she give me time, she actually worked with me well beyond  our appointment schedule until she was sure I had as much help as she could give me in the time we had available. 

I found Renee to have a very warm, caring and sensitive manner, and a genuine concern for the welfare of her clients. She gave me a lot of confidence in her ability both as a hypnotherapist and in practical follow-up  strategies that she suggested to help me.  Her professionalism is second to none.  I would recommend her to anyone grappling with issues and concerns in their lives.


Neilane L July 2013

Phobia Treatment



Louise K

The first time I contact Renee over the phone, I felt at ease. I made a booking straight away. I have been procrastinating about losing weight for a long long time now. After talking to Renee I felt that  I had finally turned a corner as was able to do it. I entered my appointment nervously and after meeting Renee I felt so comfortable as if we have been friends for years. Renee explained the process and I was excited that I had finally made the  right decision to do this, I have lost some weight  already and I am looking forward to enjoying life completely. Thanks Renee with out the support and confidence that you gave me. I truly believe that my journey would be a lot harder or would not have started in a positive way at all. I am no longer that self destruct person anymore. I look towards food differently. This would not have been possible with the Hypnosis and  friendly support of Renee Thanks for helping me change into the person I want to be.



Sarah A

 I just wanted to say that I think you are awesome and I have been very happy with my results.

I have done so well with the drinking - it has been amazing.  Since I last saw you - I have only had alcohol on 3 separate occasions and each time have just had a glass of wine.  I was previously drinking almost a bottle of wine a day or close to about 3 shots of vodka per day!


Email 19th July 2013

Alcohol addiction, Motivation to Exercise and Weight Loss Hypnosis